Our Application Process Is Now Closed


We’ll now be evaluating the application we received and passing them on to the alders.

7 thoughts on “Our Application Process Is Now Closed

  1. Basmin says:

    Looking for requirements to apply to Civilian Oversight Board.

    1. Jamala says:

      Please visit the website and look for COB Member Information

    2. Jamala says:

      Please go to http://capcr-stl.org and navigate to get any info you need. The application is under COB campaign/member information.
      Our deadline is June 5

  2. Beverly Jones says:

    I am interested in serving on the civilian oversight board

    1. Jamala says:

      Review application process here: http://capcr-stl.org/cob-member-application/

    2. Jamala says:

      Please go to website http://capcr-stl.org to get application and to send in two references.
      thank you

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