Re-Envisioning Public Safety

Youth Violence Bill, HCR 70

4- 10-18 – MO State Rep. Bruce Franks, Jr. sponsored the Youth Violence bill, HCR 70, which has passed through the Missouri House with an overwhelming 113-15 vote.

This bill, if it passes through the MO Sentate, would do 3 things:
1) Identify Youth Violence as a public health epidemic,
2) Say MO supports trauma informed education for our young people,
3) Name June 7th Christopher Harris Day (after Bruce’s brother, killed at age 9),

#ReEnvisioningPublicSafety #ReInvestInPublicSafety


Re-Envisioning & Re-Investing In Public Safety PowerPoints

3-28-18 – “Arrest & Incarcerate” has been the response to crime for the last 30 years leaving us with overflowing jails & prisons, lives and communities destroyed and with little to no increase in public safety.

We need to Re-Envision Public Safety in order to proactively address the root causes of crime.
 Re-Investing in Public Safety would redirect money from the arrest & incarcerate model to partnerships with social services.

1) Re-Envision Public Safety PowerPoint here.

2) Re-Investing in Public Safety PowerPoint here.

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#ReEnvisionPublicSafety #ReInvestInPublicSafety