Re-Envisioning Public Safety

Re-Envisioning & Re-Investing In Public Safety PowerPoints

3-28-18 – “Arrest & Incarcerate” has been the response to crime for the last 30 years leaving us with overflowing jails & prisons, lives and communities destroyed and with little to no increase in public safety.

We need to Re-Envision Public Safety in order to proactively address the root causes of crime. Re-Investing in Public Safety would redirect money from the arrest & incarcerate model to partnerships with social services.

1) Re-Envision Public Safety PowerPoint here.

2) Re-Investing in Public Safety PowerPoint here.

If you would like to have CAPCR present to your neighborhood group, church group, or social justice organization, please contact us at 314-332-1262.

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Illinois House Passes Plan to Replace School Security Guards with Social Workers

4-27-18 — “The House voted 64-25 Friday to establish a grant program for schools who hire mental health professionals to keep calm in the hallways.”

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Re-Imagine Evictions In Order To Stabilize Families & Neighborhoods

4-12-18 — “We know that neighborhoods that have more evictions have higher violent crime rates the following year. You can understand why — it rips apart the fabric of a community. We pay for that. The top 5 percent of hospital users consume 50 percent of the health care costs. Guess who those people are? They’re the homeless and unstably housed. And so I think we can spend smart or we can spend stupid, and so I think addressing the affordable housing crisis is a win for families, for landlords and for the taxpayer.”

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Seattle’s Mayor Seeks to Vacate 30 Years of Marijuana Charges

4-28-18 — “As is now accepted fact, the so-called war on drugs laws has decimated the African American community, with marijuana criminalization oftentimes becoming the first contact many have with a grinding criminal justice system that won’t let them go.

“The arrests can stay on their records for years, and impact their prospects for jobs, loans, housing and benefits.”

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Missouri House Moves to Legalize Medical Marijuana

4-23-18 — “The Missouri House has given initial approval to a bill that would legalize medical marijuana for many patients.”

Floor action for HB 1554 here.

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New Report Gives Guidance to Addressing STL Housing Segregation

4-25-18 — “‘If you look at the issues of race, inequality, public safety; all of these issues that we grapple with in the city of St. Louis, at the intersection of those issues is economics, right?’ [Board of Alders President Louis] Reed said. ‘So to begin to address some of these things we’re going to have to look at systems in place and how they’re working and how they’re not working.’”

Read full report here.

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Homeless Bill of Rights

1) HB 1938 — Bruce Franks, Jr., House Sponsor
2) SB 945 — Jamila Nasheed, Senate Sponsor

4-24-18 — The Missouri Homeless Bill of Rights states, “No person’s rights, privileges, or access to public services may be denied or abridged solely because the person is homeless. The act sets forth certain rights of a person experiencing homelessness, including the right to use and move freely in public spaces, equal treatment by public agencies, non-discrimination in maintaining employment and emergency medical care, and an expectation of privacy in his or her personal property. The act also sets forth a right to vote, register to vote, and receive documentation to prove identity for voting without discrimination based on housing status.”

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Youth Violence Bill, HCR 70

4- 10-18 – MO State Rep. Bruce Franks, Jr. sponsored the Youth Violence bill, HCR 70, which has passed through the Missouri House with an overwhelming 113-15 vote.

This bill, if it passes through the MO Sentate, would do 3 things:
1) Identify Youth Violence as a public health epidemic,
2) Say MO supports trauma informed education for our young people,
3) Name June 7th Christopher Harris Day (after Bruce’s brother, killed at age 9),

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