Join a COB District Organizing Circle

Find out how! Contact a COB District Anchor.

Civilian Oversight Board (COB) District Anchors

Email these anchors to get involved in your ward or district.

District 1 – John Chasnoff,

District 2 – Johnson Lancaster,

District 3 – Jamala Rogers,

District 6- Janey Archey,

District 7 – Teri Powers,


19 thoughts on “Join a COB District Organizing Circle

  1. Liz Allen Giordano says:

    I would like to get involved.
    I live in Webster Groves but I am willing to help where needed.

    1. Jamala says:

      Thanks for your interest. We are happy to engage non-St. Louis residents as the issue of St. Louis police abuse affects all those coming and going into the city. Please review the COB District Map and find a District where there’s an anchor. Then contact the anchor to find out when the next district organizing circle is.

  2. Beth Griffin says:

    I live in the 15th ward and would like to participate in a COB organizing circle.

    1. Jamala says:

      Please contact the anchor COB District 6, Janey Archey at

    2. Jamala says:

      I am sooooosorry Beth. I never got your contact info.
      I am the co-anchor for district 6 including your ward. Your ward pt person is Lisa Cagle. I will put you in our database for our next meeting with alders.

  3. Connie Cominsky says:

    I would like more information about positions on the civilian oversight board. Thank you.
    Connie Cominsky
    1943 Lynch STLMO 63118

    1. Jamala says:

      A good place to start is reviewing the bill. There’s a link to the civilian oversight board bill on the website. You should also visit the page, COB Member Information.

    2. Jamala says:

      Please got to website to find your district circle contact/anchor at

    3. Jamala says:

      Our deadline has ended through CAPCR, but you can submit your interest to your alderperson before July 6

  4. Johnathan says:

    I live in the sixth ward. Who can I contact regarding becoming a board member?

    1. Jamala says:

      Review the application process here:

  5. Colleen says:

    Where is District 5? I live in St. Louis Hills and Donna Barringer is our alderman.

    1. Jamala says:

      Unfortunately we don’t have an anchor for District 5. We are encouraging people like you to get involved in a neighboring district or self-organize in Ward 16.

  6. Tiffany Rudy says:

    I would like to get involved. I live in the 11th ward who do I contact?

    1. Jamala says:

      Tiffany, please review the map to see who your anchor is:

  7. Benoist Barry says:

    I have attended your meetings and would like to become involved. At the last meeting, my lead person was not present so I am not certain who I contact.

    1. Jamala says:

      Barry, please visit the website to see who the District anchor is for your ward.

  8. Hello,
    I would like to get involved.
    I live in Spanish Lake but I am willing to help where needed.

    1. Jamala says:

      Hi, Khalil! I’m so sorry that it has taken so long to respond. We now have a fully dedicated team to work on our website.

      We’d love to hear from you. Our next general meeting will be Thursday, April 12, 6-8pm at 1401 Rowan Ave. (Knock hard and someone will let you in) Hope to see you there!

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