STL Mayoral Debate 2017: Questions from the People

The choice of the next mayor of the City of St. Louis is critical in addressing the most significant issues facing our region.  

Because of this, more than 10 community organizations are joining together to present “Mayoral Debate: Questions from the People.”

Mayoral Debate: Questions from the People
Sunday, Jan. 29, 2017
Busch Student Center, Saint Louis University
20 North Grand, St. Louis MO 63103
3:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m.

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Check out Candidate responses to our Pre-Debate survey here.

This debate will be a collective space for candidates to respond to real questions by community-led organizations, and by the people themselves.

All invited candidates have confirmed participation in the debate, including Jeffrey Boyd, Antonio French, Lyda Krewson, Tishaura Jones, and Lewis Reed.

Members from the participating organizations, which can be found below, will develop questions for the candidates with input from the general public. In addition to the professional backgrounds and qualifications of the candidates, the debate will focus on a wide range of issues including public safety, economic opportunity, and racial equity. Participating organizations include:

  • St. Louis Action Council
  • ArchCity Defenders
  • Deaconess Foundation
  • Faith for Justice
  • Missourians Organizing for Reform and Empowerment
  • Organization for Black Struggle
  • Coalition Against Police Crimes and Repression
  • Saint John’s Church (The Beloved Community)
  • Empower Missouri  
  • Peace Economy Project
  • Forward Through Ferguson
  • Hands Up United
  • Metropolitan Congregations United
  • Jobs with Justice
  • Delux Magazine

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Organizers of the People’s Debate have chosen to limit the debate to the Democratic Party primary, as it is the sole competitive primary in the election for Mayor of the City of St. Louis. The organizations sponsoring this debate do not hold that only one of the two major political parties in the U.S. can produce viable candidates for elected office. Neither do we think that one political party holds a monopoly on issues of justice, racial equity, and community values. In fact, several of the organizations and individuals involved in the planning of this debate have a proud history of third-party organizing and support.

However, because we aim to shape the discourse and elevate the issues of greatest importance to the communities we serve, we have chosen to focus this debate on the competitive Democratic primary. Presented with a number of imperfect alternatives, we believe that this choice presents our members and clients with the best opportunity to inform themselves about many of the candidates and to play a critical role in the electoral process.
Additionally, debate organizers reserve the right to limit participation in the debate based on criteria to include the following:
  • Responsiveness to Debate Organizers
    • Confirms receipt of correspondence
    • Responds to pre-debate survey and other inquiries
  • Legal Compliance
    • Meets all legal qualifications required by the State of Missouri and City of St. Louis
    • Filed all required paperwork
  • Level of Campaign Activity/Voter Outreach
    • Campaign appearances
    • Campaign materials (yard signs, buttons, mailings, etc.)
    • Media engagement
  • Accessibility to Voters
    • Paid and/or volunteer staff
    • Physical campaign headquarters
    • Campaign website
We do NOT require that candidates reach a minimum fundraising amount.
Any candidate that believes he/she should be included under this criteria should feel free to contact debate organizers at