June Next Steps

The month of June has us working on several fronts:

Application for COB membership:

The CAPCR deadline for getting in our applications has passed, but there’s more work to be done.

  • CAPCR ward teams will be meeting with their alders to present all the applications we received and making CAPCR recommendations. At those meetings we also want to:
  1. a review of the CAPCR process,
  2. learning from the alder what alternate processes s/he is using.
  3. If the alder is supportive of our process, we can also ask what else we can do to help, and whether they might be open to another meeting to discuss their complete applicant pool before they make final recommendations on July 6.

If you want to join our ward teams, get in touch with our COB District Anchors.


  • Alders don’t have to pass their recommendations on to the mayor till July 6. If you still want to be on the COB but didn’t put in a CAPCR application, you can still ask your alder to put your name forward.


  • Just recently, the mayor came up with his own application, and he is insisting that he will consider for nomination only those who have filled out his application. WHETHER OR NOT YOU FILLED OUT A CAPCR APPLICATION, YOU WILL NEED TO FILL OUT THE MAYOR’S APPLICATION IF YOU WANT HIM TO NOMINATE YOU. Be advised: as of June 14, the mayor is revising his application after some concerns were raised by the Board of Alders about its intrusiveness.

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