July Next Steps

The deadline is July 6 for the alders to give the mayor the names of those they recommend to sit on the Civilian Oversight Board (COB). The mayor then has 30 days to select the seven candidates he will nominate to serve on the COB. Those seven nominees will each represent one of the seven COB Districts.

Our job in July is to lobby the mayor, urging him to:

  • have a fair and transparent process
  • to pick high quality, fair-minded nominees including at least some of those recommended by CAPCR
  • to put forward a slate of candidates who represent the community in terms of race, ethnicity, gender, age, sexual orientation and identity, and those who are alter-abled

To that end, we are continuing to build our District organizing circles so the whole city is organized to provide community input into this process. To join a organizing circle, click here.

To find out who CAPCR is recommending for the COB, click here.



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