CAPCR thanks the Conscience and Military Tax Campaign for its generous donation of $1000 towards our important work. We are proud to be the recipient of funding from war tax resisters!

Donations can be sent to CAPCR at PO Box 5277, St. Louis MO  63115.


Dear Friends of CAPCR,

I write this to you at a moment of critical importance for all who share a commitment to police accountability and citizen oversight of police. As you know, CAPCR has worked for nearly two decades to see the formation of an empowered civilian review body to investigate and monitor the St. Louis Metropolitan Police. Today, we’re closer than ever to achieving this goal. You’ve been there with us but now the current situation demands that we all ramp up our efforts.

Throughout this struggle, CAPCR members have often used their own money to fund the effort: attending meetings with Aldermembers and other officials, making copies to keep residents apprised of updates and hosting town hall meetings to keep you informed and involved.

As the process moves forward, we face intensified opposition from the police union and others. If we let up now, we will surely lose momentum.

I am writing to ask that you support us in this final stage with a financial contribution of at least $25. We have a modest goal of raising a total of $1000 by March 30 to fund our ongoing advocacy for civilian review in St. Louis. Your contribution can help strengthen our campaign and reach our goal of improved police accountability in our city. Please mail your donation today to the post office address.

Oh, and don’t worry, we’re not just after your money. We need people to engage in this effort by joining our Civilian Oversight Board District teams and work to help continue the push to pass the strongest law possible. For more information, contact John Chasnoff at 314.413.0454.

Jamala Rogers

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