Public Safety Townhall

CAPCR held a townhall on April 23, exploring the topic of re-envisioning Public Safety. To spark discussion, we presented some remarkable findings. St. Louis spends 56% of its general budget on arresting and incarcerating folks. The whole nation has been coming to the realization that we have a mass incarceration disaster, so why do we keep adding to it? We could be doing so much more spending our money to improve people’s lives with job opportunities, housing, education and other programs that have been shown to prevent crime from happening in the first place. Still, our political leaders are asking for 160 more police!

Here’s a link to the CAPCR presentation. You’ll also see an update on the current status of the COB!

Our townhall participants put together pie charts showing five priority areas where they would spend money if they could. The charts from our various groups, and some pics of the event, are here.

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