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COB District Map--April 2015

4 thoughts on “COB District Map

  1. George C. Perry says:

    I live in Ward 4. The alderman for Ward 4 is Samuel Moore. If I am correct, Ward 4 falls in District 3. Does this mean the anchorperson is Jamala Rogers? Please respond at the earliest moment as I am very interested in joining the Civilian Oversight Board as a member and I understand there are time deadlines.

    I may be reached at the above email address or directly at 314-383-8175. Thank you.

    1. Jamala says:

      Your anchor is Johnson Lancaster

  2. darryl james says:

    what is required of the anchor. I might be interested
    live in district 4

    1. Jamala says:

      The anchor is responsible for doing education/outreach to build a team in the four wards in the District, turning folks out for meetings, and talking to the alderpersons (or helping set up those meetings) to push for our upcoming proposed amendments to the bill. If you’re interested, call John Chasnoff at 314-413-0454.

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