COB Bill 208

Board Bill 208  Committee Substitute passed on Monday, April 20, 2015.

Yes Votes – Terry Kennedy (Ward 18), Antonio French (Ward 21), Marlene Davis (Ward 19), Dionne Flowers (Ward 2), Freeman Bosley, Sr. (Ward 3), Craig Schmid (Ward 20), Tammika Hubbard (Ward 5), Megan Green (Ward 15), Frank Williamson (Ward 26), Lyda Krewson (Ward 28), Steve Conway (Ward 8), Chris Carter (Ward 27),  Joe Roddy (Ward 17), Jeffrey Boyd (Ward 22), Sam Moore (Ward 4), Shane Cohn (Ward 25), Lewis Reed (Board President)

No Votes – Sharon Tyus (Ward 1), Tom Villa (Ward 11), Joe Vaccaro (Ward 23), Ken Ortmann (Ward 9), Joseph Vollmer (Ward 10), Larry Arnowitz (Ward 12), Beth Murphy (Ward 13), and Donna Baringer (Ward 16).

Present Votes – Christine Ingrassia (Ward 6 ) and Scott Ogilvie (Ward 24 )

Read the full bill here.

Bill Summary:  An ordinance establishing an Civilian Oversight Board in the City of St. Louis; establishing the St. Louis Civilian Oversight Board, containing definitions, delineating the St. Louis Civilian Oversight Board’s composition, powers and duties, the administrative structure, inspection and investigation procedures, cooperation of the Police Department, confidentiality and containing a severability clause.


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