COB Application Timeline

Civilian Oversight Board Application Timeline

(CAPCR has created a timeline of the COB process based upon city ordinances and protocols.

 ORGANIZE! indicates actions where CAPCR needs your support.)


April 20, 2015—Board Bill 208CS Passed by Board of Alders.

May 6, 2015 —COB bill will be signed into law by mayor slay.

Although the COB law is a momentous milestone in the organization’s history, CAPCR made a decision not to participate in the official signing of the bill into law. mayor slay has not be an honest and cooperative partner in this process.

ORGANIZE! CAPCR will be actively seeking qualified candidates to serve on the Civilian Oversight Board. The Board of Alders did not put a process in place to solicit candidates. CAPCR has created an application and criteria to facilitate this important phase of local control. We also adapted a rubric by Ald. Megan Green to strengthen the process. Please encourage your alderperson to honor this process since an official way of accepting and vetting candidates was not put in place.

June 4—The bill becomes effective 30 days from mayor’s signature. The clock starts ticking on the 30 day period that alderpeople have to get their constituent names to the mayor.

ORGANIZE! June 5 is the application deadline for those using the CAPCR process. We will need time to download and collect candidate applications given to us. ALL will be turned over to the appropriate alderperson before the July 4 deadline. The applications are subject to public scrutiny once CAPCR turns them over to the alderpeople.

July 6—The Board’s Clerk will deliver recommended names by the Alders to mayor slay. (July 4 would be date but this is a City holiday.)

August 5—mayor slay delivers his seven nominations to the Board of Alders for review.

ORGANIZE! CAPCR will be mobilizing participation in the public hearings that the Public Safety Committee will hold on the nominations. During the months until final approval, this will be an important juncture for citizen input on the process and on the candidates who have made the final cut.

November 3—The Board of Alders approve the 7 members of the Civilian Oversight Board.


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