Arrest & Incarcerate

What Has “Arrest & Incarcerate” Given Us?

3-28-18 – “Arrest & Incarcerate” has given us: 1) Hot Spot policing, 2) Broken Windows policing, 3) Surveillance, and 4) Mass Incarceration.

Hot spot policing floods “certain” neighborhoods with police. When hot spots are chosen based on past arrests (“high crime areas”) they often perpetrate past racist practices.

Broken Windows cracks down on minor offenses. Surveillance treats civilians as “subjects” of a police state waiting to be catalogued instead of participants in a democracy. Mass incarceration has destroyed lives, the inherent strengths of communities all which erodes public safety.

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Transforming “Arrest & Incarcerate” Into “Re-Investing In Public Safety”

“We need an effective system of crime prevention and control in our communities, but that is not what the current system is.” – Michelle Alexander, The New Jim Crow

Re-Investing in Public Safety PowerPoint here.