COB Campaign Plan & Structure

CAPCR COB District Organizing Campaign Plan & Structure


Residents of the City of St. Louis should join the District Organizing Circle for their Ward.
Non-City Residents who want to be involved can select a District Organizing Circle of their choice.


Goals of the COB Campaign are:

1. To increase police accountability by ensuring the implementation of an effective civilian oversight board by a) passing Board Bill 208 and b) passing the two companion bills to BB#208 that create an independent department and gives the COB subpoena power;

2. To build Organizing Circles in the COB districts that educate and organize residents around the COB legislation; to monitor/facilitate/protect the democratic processes for selection of COB.

3. To de-criminalize being African American, especially for young, black males.

4. To explore innovative alternatives to policing practices for public safety.


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3 thoughts on “COB Campaign Plan & Structure

  1. Johnathan McFarland says:

    I cannot wait to fill out an application to be on the board. I am excited to start the process.

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    1. Jamala says:

      Thanks for the heads up!

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