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Membership on Civilian Oversight Board: Eligibility Requirements and CAPCR Expectations

 CAPCR’s deadline for the COB application is June 5, 2015. ALL applications will be turned over to the respective COB District alderpeople and could be become public information.

Download a PDF version of the application.

Download Application Rubric.


According the BB 208, the criteria for individual COB members are:

  • The individual must be a resident of the City of St. Louis.
  • The individual must have reached the age of eighteen (18) by the date that they will take office as a member of the COB.
  • The individual must not hold any public office within the State of Missouri.
  • The individual must not be an employee of the City of St. Louis or of the State of Missouri.
  • The individual may not have an immediate family member who is currently employed by the Police Department.
  • The individual must not have been convicted of any State or Federal criminal offense constituting a felony. A conviction includes a finding of guilt by the trier of fact, a guilty plea, an Alford plea and/or any acknowledgment of guilt (Suspended Execution/Imposition of Sentence).

Furthermore, the bill requires that each member of the COB be “fair and objective.”


Coalition Against Police Crimes and Repression (CAPCR) further expects that the overall makeup of the COB should reflect the demographics of the city and include meaningful representation by those who have historically experienced police misconduct at disproportionate rates including women, African Americans, LGBT people, alter-abled, and immigrant community members.

CAPCR advocates that members should also have:

  • A history of engaging in civic activities geared to holding government officials accountable to the people they represent.
  • A commitment to fair policing and oversight and, ideally, familiarity with police practices and operations.
  • An ability to commit extensive time to this volunteer position including significant reading, some training and an active meeting schedule.

5 thoughts on “COB Member Information

  1. Geraldine Caldwell-Phillips says:

    I would like to be a part of this committee. I know that I am a fair person and have the credentials to prove it based on my previous experience in assisting the departments of the City of St. Louis with their accountability for issues that need to be addressed to make our neighborhoods safe as well taking pride in the area in which I co-habitat.

    1. Jamala says:

      Please go to for an application. It is under the COB Campaign link/member information. The deadline is June 5

  2. Frances Bruce says:

    I am very interested in becoming part of the board. I currently participate in the election process as a pole worker and extended to be a Roving Deputy and just completed training as a Deputy Registrar. I have received a Master’s degree in legal studies and extended study in case law and the Missouri Judiciary system. I will be honored to be part of the civilian oversight committee.

    1. Jamala says:

      Please go to to find our application process under COB campaign link
      We are also asking for two references regarding you work in the community.
      Please find your district anchor in our district map section to submit your app and references to by this Fri June 5

    2. Jamala says:

      Our application is online at The deadline is coming up soon. If you miss our deadline you can request of your alderperson that s/he put your name forward.

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